A short review:
  • Small Dalyan-tour to the Turtle Beach
  • Big Dalyan-tour: boattrip on the lake, with a visit to the hot springs (Sultaniye), Health bath, stop at Caunos, swimming stop on the Turtle Beach Iztuzu.
  • Daytrip to Marmaris (by boat or bus)
  • Visit to Caunos (Kaunos)
  • Boat-trip to Ekincik with swim-/snorkel-stops including lunch
  • Day-trip Göcek - 12 islands boat-trip - including lunch
  • Day-trip to Fethiye-Market (every Tuesday)
  • Day-trip by boat to Köycegiz, every Monday there is a real big market. We stop at the Sultaniye baths
  • Day-trip to Saklikent, the “hidden city”
  • Mehtap-Tour, evening boat-trip on the lake, lit by the moon, including Barbecue
  • Trip to the mudbath

You can make reservations with us for all the excursions.

We feel, you don`t need any more details:
when you see the pictures ... you´ll want to make your dreams come true.


Bootsfahrt auf dem Dalyan-KanalThe "small" Dalyan-Trip
After a wonderful journey through the reeds you´ll reach the famous turtle beach of Dalyan (approx 7 km white sandy beach) which invites you to swim, to snorkel, to play ....
You´ll reach the beach with an individual boat-trip, a half-day trip or by the Dolmus-boat - a boat that starts, when it´s fully loaded with passengers. The trip with the Dolmus-boat will be the cheapest, the other trips differ in price, depending on the  size of the boat, the number of passengers, with lunch or not, extra trips and so on ....
But not only by boat, also by bus you can reach the beach - now the eastern-part of the Iztuzu-beach: a good place to snorkel.

The "big" Dalyan-TripEin Bad im Köycegiz-See
Discover the wonderful surroundings of Dalyan: first from the harbour to Köycegiz-Lake, with a stop on it to cool down; the trip goes on to the hot springs (Sultaniye) Health bath, where you can do something for your health - or not. After having this break the trip will go on to the mudbath, where you can do something again for your health - or not.

You return to the boat, the harbour and after a wonderful journey through the reeds you´ll reach the famous turtle beach of Dalyan (approx 7 km white sandy beach) which invites you to swim, to snorkel,
to play .... On your way back to Dalyan you´ll have a stop at Caunos, the famous ruins (Amphitheatre, Basilika,...) which you can discover now - or not. On this trip you´ll have a little lunch on the boat or nearby the river.

A view to the old town of  MarmarisTo Marmaris you may drive directly from the center of Dalyan every Monday and Thursday (departure ca. 10.00 a.m.) or - if you made an arrangement with the driver - he will pick you up from our hotel. The driver will take you directly to Marmaris by an airconditioned Minibus. There you´ll have the opportunity to discover the Old Town, the beautiful harbour, ... and .... last but not least, you will taste delightfull Turkish food!
Departure from Marmaris at approx 3.00 p.m. 
Or you´ll reach Marmaris by boat: a daily boat-trip, which starts in the morning at
9.00 a.m.: after passing the beautiful Lykian bays, you´ll arrive at - approx - 12.00 a.m. to Marmaris to discover this little old town.


 A view from the hill of Dalyan over the Delta

lycian ruins, ancient greek ruins, byzantine ruins - a little bit for the body, the soul and the spirit, discover the “mountain” of Dalyan, relax and enjoy the view!

Ehemaliger Hafen von Kaunos. Links die Befestigungsanlagen, rechts unten der Tempel


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaWikipedia encyclopedia

This article is about the ancient city of Caria. For information on its mythical founder,
see Kaunos (mythology).

Kaunos (Carian: Kbid;Lycian: Khbide; Latin: Caunus) was a city of ancient Caria, Anatolia, a few km west of the modern town of Dalyan, Muğla Province, Turkey. Kaunos was said to have been founded by Kaunos, son of Miletos and Kyane, on the southern coast of Caria, opposite Rhodes. It was in a district later under the jurisdiction of Rhodes known as Peraea, Peræa Rhodiorum (Latin form) "the Rhodian Shore", at the foot of Mount Tarbelos. Its acropolis was called Imbros. It exported, chiefly to Rome, highly prized figs. It was the home of the painter Protogenes. It was a member of the Chrysaorian League.

The ruins of the city are near Dalyan, on the right bank of the ancient Kalbis. Among them are a theatre, a large rectangular building that may have been a temple, others of uncertain description, a Byzantine church, and rock-hewn tombs.

Christian city

Kaunos was Christianized early, and bishops are known beginning from the 4th century. Four bishops are mentioned by Lequien (I, 981): Basil, who attended the Council of Seleucia in 359; Antipater, who attended the Council of Chalcedon in 451; Nicolaus, who subscribed the letter to Emperor Leo in 458; and Stephanus, who attended the Council of Nicaea in 787. The Synecdemus of Hierocles and most Notitiae Episcopatuum, as late as the 12th or 13th century, place it in Lycia, as a suffragan of Myra.

Kaunos remains a titular see of the Roman Catholic Church, Cauniensis; the seat has been vacant since the death of the last bishop in 1972.

Kaunos theatre

The bazilika

Eikincik - the blue grottoEkincik
a scenic bay, which you´ll reach by boat after having some swim- and snorkel-stops on the mediterranean sea (for example nearby the blue grotto). Of course this daily trip is with lunch too.

Göcek - 12-Island-daily-trip12-island-trip: a drink on the sea
One of the most famous trips in the area of Dalyan. We´ll start in the morning at 9.00 a.m. from the hotel with a drive to Göcek, one of the most beautiful Yachting harbours of Turkey. We´ll start here with skipper Seyfi to see the scenic, sheltered bays of Göcek. We´ll have some swim and snorkel breaks in the bays to cool down. Culture will not come off badly: you´ll see some Lykian caves, can swim over the ruins of a sunken city and of course you´ll have a little barbecue-lunch on the boat. For fun you´ll make a trip with the banana-boat?!?!?!?! We`ll be back to the harbour at approx 6.00 p.m. arrival in the hotel at approx 6.45 p.m.

Ein Markt-Besuch in OrtacaMarketsEin Schnäppchen aus Fethiye
in Köycegiz
Tuesday in Fethiye
Thursday in Mugla and Dalaman
Friday in Ortaca (specially worth visiting, for its original and authentic look. An abundance of vegetables, fruit and herbs. This is the way, the Turkish people live!)
Saturday in Dalyan
Sunday in Göcek
Each and every market has its own “flair”. In the markets you can “smell and taste” the real way of turkish living. Try some, taste some, smell some.... and enjoy your dreams coming true.

a view in the marble canyonSaklikent -  the “hidden city” -
a wonderful daytrip to the innercountry: discover the immediate or further off area of Dalyan: see the snowy peaks of the Toros-mountains, the fruitgardens in the bay of Fethiye, cotton-fields, nice-smelling and crackling pine-forests and - at the end of the world - Saklikent: if you´re brave, you´ll hurl yourself into the water (also in the middle of the summer icecold) The waterfall and have a cooling down walk through the fabulous canyon, which the water cut out from the marble-rocks to a depth of min. 100 m. You´ll see the power of the water on the polished marble-face.

Perhaps you may want to taste Turkish food at a little imbiss sitting on a little platform over the wild wild water? There are many opportunities to do it. Or a little wild-water-rafting trip?

Whatever you prefer, enjoy it and dream about it ... and the hidden city at the other end of the canyon.

Der Anfang der Mehtap-Tour auf dem Dalyan-KanalMehtap-Tour - Moonlight-trip by boat
a trip by boat during the evening in Dalyan, along the Dalyan-channel to the Köycegiz-lakeEin Badestopp with a swimming break, Barbecue or picnic on board or land, a visit to the mudbath and hot springs (Sultaniye) and all of this by moonlight (called mehtap).

When you´re doing this you´ll really dream and fall into raptures, during this trip, which starts shortly before sunset, to taste it on the water. Notice how the starry sky awakes  in all of its splendour. When the moon is coming up it will be time to travel on the pathways at the moon: with near silent motor we´ll have a “walk” over the lake, all the time lit by the moon....

Besuch im kleinen SchlammbadThe mudbath
Often mentioned - but yet nothing told about it: near the lake there are some hot springs, the greatest, Sultaniye, has been set up as a medicinal bath: you can stay here to get better or only to relax in the hot sulphurous water in the shadow of the ancient Greek pillars. Also a visit to the mudbath, warmed up by a hot sulphurous spring, is a part of this relaxing tour: it is told, the mud will help you to stay young and beautiful! But it´s not told, how often and how long you have to stay in the mud! Try it and find the way for you to stay beautiful and young.

However, this is still not all! There are a lot more things to discover in Dalyan and its surroundings. Please ask us!


Enjoy your dreams coming true.

Bye bye, we hope to welcome you in Hotel Miço.



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